2018 festival programming

Ten years, Let’s celebrate!

The 10th edition of the LatinArte Festival presents a decade of Latin American experience and artistic practice. It is held from September 6th  to October 8th, 2018 in Montreal, and unfolds in ten cultural events integrating a variety of meetings, cultural mediations, artistic presentations, workshops and cultural routes.

The 10th edition of the LatinArte Festival intends to take people on a trip to the Latin American arts’ scene. It provides a tour of ten cultural moments presenting a panorama of the Latino-Montreal art scene and highlights the first decade of the only Latin American festival in Montreal.

The 10th anniversary of the Festival at a glance:



Honored Discipline

Visual Art

Guest country


Artistic Director

Mariza Rosales Argonza


Converging Passages

Beatriz Herrera - Federico Carbajal - Santiago Tavera

Park-Extension Broadcast Room
421, rue Saint-Roch, Montréal, H3N 1K2

From September 6th  to October 7th, 2018
Opening: Thursday 6th  September 2018

Exhibitions of contemporary art that explore experiences, spaces and stories that cross and shape the imagination of the Latin-Quebec community. These exhibitions show the creative approach of three LatinArtists while contextualizing them within their migration and their artistic practices in Quebec.

Memory and forgetfulness

Adriana Garcia-Cruz

Bibliothèque de Saint-Michel
7601, François-Perreault, Montréal, H2A 3L6

From September 6th  to September 30th, 2018
Meeting with the artist: Thursday, September 13th, 2018, 6:30pm

Memory and Forgetfulnesss a photographic compilation of objects treasured by Quebec immigrants of various origins. Photos are taken with natural light and a very small depth of field to emphasize the fuzzy and fragmented nature of the memory by showing only small details of objects, such as textures or particular traces left by time.

The LatinArte Feria

Bumaranga - DJ Cegupi - Mi Alma Bipolar - Yambaé Danse

Village au Pied-du-Courant
2100, rue Notre-Dame Est

Saturday, September 8thfrom 4p.m.
Free entrance for everyone

The Feria invites you to take part in the festivities here and to embrace the Hispanic culture in all its diversity. An outdoor party in a Latin atmosphere on the must-visit summer activities site in Montreal, Village au Pied-du-Courant. All presented in the image of the Latin feria with activities for the whole family, cultural mediation workshops, gastronomy and crafts.
The Feria will be dedicated to the guest country, Colombia.

From 4pm
Mi Alma Bipolar is the meeting of two Colombian artists in texts and illustrations.

From 5pm until 6pm
Art Battle : 10 painters will have 60 minutes to create a painting, the public will vote on a ballot. There will be 2 or 3 preliminary rounds during which the most popular performers go on to the final round. The artist with the most votes in the final round will be the winner of a $ 300 scholarship.

From 5pm until Midnight
DJ Cegupi arrived in Montreal in 2007 and made music his lifestyle, which led him to play in the best clubs of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. He currently works as a resident Mi Casa Club DJ and produces remixes for several clubs and DJs.

From 7pm until 8pm
Yambae Danse is a collective whose mission is to create contemporary choreographic works whose gestures are rooted in the essence of traditional Colombian dance. This mixture of traditional expression and a language that is more abstract allows an approach to the movement presenting the face of a people and its culture in all its complexity. Afro-Colombian dance performance and workshop (cultural mediation).

From 8pm until 9pm
Bumaranga is a band that offers a mix of Colombian drums and flutes with a modern twist, brought by the electric guitar and bass, whose result converges to a fusion of sounds inspired by the roots of Afro-Colombian music.

La Feria de LatinArte is an initiative of the LatinArte Foundation, in partnership with the Consular Group of de Montréal and Village au Pied-du-Courant.

Converging Passages

Beatriz Herrera - Federico Carbajal - Santiago Tavera

Montreal Arts Council
1210, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal, H2L 1L9

From September 6thto 28th, 2018
Finishing: September 27th, 2018

Exhibitions of contemporary art that explore experiences, spaces and stories that cross and shape the imagination of the Latin-Quebec community. These exhibitions show the creative approach of three LatinArtists while contextualizing them within their migration and their artistic practices in Quebec.

Movie Stares

Juan Andrés Arango

Cinéma Beaubien
2396 rue Beaubien Est

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

The movie night is an invitation to take a look through the audiovisual production of Colombian-Québec filmmaker Juan Andres Arango.
Cinematographer, screenwriter and director of photography, Juan Andrés Arango, has signed various documentaries and short films before making "La playa DC", his first feature-length fiction, selection "Un Certain Regard" at Cannes in 2012. He also represented Colombia at the Oscars in 2014. "X Quinientos" is his second feature film.

The screening will be followed by a meeting with the director.

Transversal Views, Panorama of the Latin-Québec Art Scene

General direction: Mariza Rosales Argonza

With: Alejandro Saravia -Christine Palmiéri - Enoïn Humanez Blanquicett - Hugh Hazelton - Mariza Rosales Argonza - Natalia Sirdey - Nuria Carton Grammont - Reina Victoria Vega - Tatiana Navallo - Victor Armony - Victor Ramos

Round table and launch

Centre d’histoire de Montréal
335, Place d’Youville

Thursday, October 4th, 2018, 5p.m.

In 2018, the LatinArte Foundation celebrates its 10thanniversary. This is an excellent reason for documenting the panorama of artistic diversity with the publication of the book Vues transversales, Panorama of the Latino-Québec art scene and presenting a decade of experiences of Latino-Québec artistic practice through its protagonists. The LatinArte Festival invites authors who have participated in the publication of Vues Transversales to present their research results during a Happy Hour  Round Table entitled A look at Latin-Montreal art. The roundtable will present the analysis of the characteristics of Quebec and in particular the city of Montreal as a formal and discursive substance in the work produced by artists of Latin American origin during the last decade. It will provide a portrait of the forms of organization, distribution and consumption of works produced by artists of Latin American origin on the main cultural scenes in Quebec. It will also recognize the role of official and parallel organizations and institutions involved in the integration process of the Latino-Quebec artistic community.

The meeting will be followed by the launch cocktail of the book.

Austral Routes

Director : Ana Catalina Montoya

Contemporary jewelery exhibition

Galerie Noël Guyomarc’h
4836, Bd Saint-Laurent

Fom October 3rd to October 8th2018
Opening day October 3rd – 6pm

In 2017, thanks to a grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Colombian-born Montreal artist Ana Catalina Montoya traveled to the south of the globe, in Argentina, to explore the creations of contemporary jewelery. A trip that took her  to workshops, galleries and shops, to identify the techniques and materials specific to this southern territory, close to the South Pole.

Ana Catalina had the idea to share her discoveries by organizing an exhibition in Montreal. It will have the opportunity to welcome 21 Argentinian jewelers who will exhibit as part of the 10th anniversary of the LatinArte Festival. This will allow her to open her travel diary and tell us about the experience gained during this rewarding artistic residency.

In recent years, contemporary jewelry has taken unexpected paths: metals that for many years were used as sovereign raw materials, such as silver, gold and precious stones, become accessories. They give way to a mysterious path composed of alternative materials such as vegetable ivory, textiles, wood and found materials (blades, pieces of glass, etc.). Other craftsmen of today push to the extreme the use of traditional materials. Anyway, although it is an allegory, we can be certain that in Latin America, Argentinian jewelers are precursors, not only because they are tracing new routes, but also because that they dare to innovate.

Austral Routesis the first exhibition of Argentinian jewelers in Montreal and the first international exhibition of the LatinArte Festival, with:
  • 21 jewelers;
  • 66 contemporary jewels;
  • 1 trip journal.

Routes australes est possible grâce à la collaboration du Consulat de la République d’Argentine à Montréal et Joyeros Argentinos.

Cross-sectional Views

Interactive Exhibit

Centre d’histoire de Montréal
335, Place d’Youville

Opening : October 4th – 5pm

The 2018 edition starts from a decade of experience of the LatinArte Festival as an exercise in collective memory that reflects the recent history of Quebec society. The LatinArtists tell their professional experiences, their journeys and evoke those places of Montreal that are part of their experience. The testimonials are delivered in short audio-visual capsules available on broadcast platforms and at the Montreal History Center.

Artistic Direction
Mariza Rosales Argonza

Director, cameraman, editor
Felix Herrera

Content Producer 
Angela Sierra

Yseult Picard

Party of the 10th

Artitic direction: Giany Despointes

Théâtre Plaza
6505, rue Saint Hubert

Friday, October 5th– 8pm

A great fiesta to the sound of Latin rhythms that make you dance. Orchestras of urban music, salsa, merengue and bachata will take place on the stage to celebrate the 10th edition of the LatinArte Festival.
The funds raised go to the Maison des Amériques project.

Lengaia Salsa Brava is a Montreal-based 12-piece orchestra created in 2012 that invades the hotspots of New York and Puerto Rican salsa through its own arrangements and compositions. Its orchestral format composed of three trombones and a baritone saxophone gives it a unique sound color with its power and harmony.

Sonido Pesao is an original band "Latin Urban / Latin Rap" of Montreal.  Since the release of their album "Tumba Parlantes" in 2011 that they have been touring Quebec spreading their love of culture and their contagious joie de vivre.

DJ Tumbao is the lovin 'MTL Vinyl DJ Collective with collections ranging from the African coast to the Latin-Pacific and Asian peninsulas. Combined Tropical Grooves: Cumbia, Hard Salsa, Afrobeat, Amazonica Chicha, Samba, Latin Music, Guaguanco, Kompa, Soukous, Champeta, Boogaloo, Afrofunk, Bollywood, Persian / Arabic, Reggae and more!

Freddy Anthony the Bachatero of Montreal.With more than three decades devoted to art and music, this artist who is in the bachata is the most qualified and talented to introduce us to this Latino musical rhythm.

Ventetu hommageà Johnny Ventura,"l’Elvis de Merengue", one of Latin America's most popular tropical music artists with his Combo Show.


$40 early bird & $50 at the door
Buy tickets on Evenbrite : LatinArte Festival - Party of the 10th