The LatinArtists Club

Benefits for inscription to the LatinArtists Club

  1. Your name and artistic biography will be on LatinArte’s Website, in the section LatinArtists directory, and put in alphabetical order according to real or artistic name). This registry, along with the artist’s and his/her artwork’s photos, will be available in three languages: Spanish, English and French.
  2. Promotion of your events, presentations and/or artistic launchings in LatinArte’s Website. Again, without additional charges, the information will be available in Spanish, English and French.
  3. Every month, LatinArte will send you an information bulletin and also to your direct contacts, if you so desire.
  4. The month you register to LatinArtists Club, we will publich a welcome note in the information bulletin with direct links to your artistic biography on LatinArte’s Website. This will be received by all of LatinArte’s contacts, which is a list of 10,000 people and growing.
  5. You will benefit from a preferential rate on all events, spectacles, training workshops and meetings organized by LatinArte, in association with others organisms and the Foundation’s partners.
  6. Depending on the availability of LatinArte’s camera and audiovisual production and/or its WebTV emission La Revista, a coverage of 2 – 3 minutes about your career and/or one of your events will be published on the LatinArte’s website.
  7. Marketing and selling of your artwork in the boutique and/or virtual gallery on LatinArte’s website.
  8. Audience development for you artwork and/or events.
  9. Contact with other artists from different disciplines.

Discounts & Promotions

  1. Design and elaboration of portfolios.
  2. Production and realization of artistic events.
  3. Development of grant applications for convocations and artistic diffusion organisms.
  4. Preparation of press conferences, launching cocktails and socials events.
  5. Realization and production of video clips and promotional videos.
  6. Realization and production of books, magazines, catalogues and all types of print publications.
  7. Specialized translations.
  8. Artwork reproductions.
  9. Audience development and realization of art democratization projects (workshops, meetings, presentations, concerts, etc.)
  10. Marketing and selling of artwork.
  11. Preferential rates in high-quality framing for artwork.
  12. Preferential rates for the design and configuration of Websites.
  13. Preferential rates to print support material: high-quality posters, cards and photocopies.
  14. Excellent rates for Website and social networks maintenance.
  15. Legal advice on author rights and contracts.